Wuerful Park

This job is a vinyl job. It includes a lot of railings and gates. We also installed a vinyl privacy fence all the way around the park. We are proud to be a part of the first semi-pro park in Grand Traverse County.

West Senior High School

We fenced in a six way tennis court and built a baseball and softball field using pro ball measurements. We used chain link for this job. We used bigger post and heavier material.

Long Lake Animal Hospital

This job was was a custom fabrication of these panels; there is a six inch drop to this grade.Which we (the installers) were able to make them at an angle: even though everything looks nice and straight. The things these guys can pull off impresses me from time to time.


This job was to put up 2 barrier arms with operators. These gates can require either a push button transmitter, a key pad with a code, or a prox reader with either a card or key to open. These operators work a lot like garage doors. These are some of the largest arms we have installed to date.

Let These Animals Live

This job was for a non-profit organization that saves abandoned or homeless cats and kittens. The fence is specifically designed to keep in the cats and keep the coyotes out. This was our first time using this material. And so far everything seems to be going great for these lucky little kittens.

Kitchen Farms

This job is an aluminum job with commercial grade materials. The lovely estate gate is 15′ long and has a G.T.O operator system on it. We also installed custom railing to match up the fence. To add to this gorgeous fence the mercenaries did some awesome work to make a wonderful look for this home and business estate.

Hemmingway Pointe

This job is located in one of Michigan’s wonderful and beautiful locations. The fence is a weather grain colored vinyl privacy system, matched up with an aluminum picket style. Which adds the perfect touch to these lovely condominiums.

Great Wolf Lodge – Traverse City

Around the water park we used a dark green aluminum fence. We also installed a wooden dumpster enclosure. Then around some of the buildings surrounding the pool we installed a black vinyl coated chain link.

East Jordan Schools

With these schools’ baseball fields we built a four-way back to back backstop. We also installed fencing around all four fields. We really have enjoyed working at as many schools as we have. We know we are making a difference in the lives of the kids that play on those fields.

Custom Chinese Fence System

This wooden fence was installed at a residence. The customer asked one of the guys to try to install a Chinese looking fence system. We were able to research the makeup and styles of their fences. We were able to build this fence using Western Red Cedar. The gentleman felt as if we had reached our goal and had made his dream come true.

Beaver Creek

We used a three rail vinyl fence for this job. We included quite a few gates and fenced in quite a few pastures. All together we fenced in about fifty acres. We were really happy to build not only safe fields for these horses but make a beautiful home for them.

3 Mile Barrier Gate

This job was originally just a barrier gate but later the customer had decided to add an operator for convenience due to no power supply. We were able to put up a solar operated operator with a battery back up system.